Transportation Policy Committee

Purpose: Monitor transportation legislation, the CEAC Work Program and other information to develop and recommend CEAC and/or CSAC transportation policy. Recommend transportation legislation and positions on legislation being considered. Review and make recommendations regarding proposed administrative regulations or actions, which improve county transportation.

Chair: Pat Proano Los Angeles County
Vice Chair: Steve Kowalewski Contra Costa County
Vice Chair: David Fleisch Ventura County
Vice Chair: Chris Sneddon Santa Barbara County

CSAC Staff:

Deputy Executive Director of Legislative Affairs: DeAnn Baker
Legislative Representative: Kiana Valentine
Legislative Analyst: Chris Lee
Legislative Assistant: Karen Schmelzer

Legislation, Policy & Principles

We Need Your Support!

We need everyone’s help to secure a stable, and robust transportation funding source. We’re getting closer, but we still need your help. Below are four (4) things you and your staff can do to help NOW:

1) Send CSAC damage reports and tabulation of costs of recent storm damage (plus photos!);
2) Send AB 1 / SB 1 support letters (AB 1 (Frazier)/ SB 1 (Beall));
3) Even if you can’t support bills, provide us with lists of projects you could do with new funding/things that have been cut without funding and mother general info on impacts; and finally
4) Communicate – share any info from those three categories to CSAC, Board of Supervisors, local media, social media (#FixCARoads) and your local legislators.