CSAC Office and Staff:

1100 K Street, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 327-7500

CEAC Program Manager
Merrin Gerety
(916) 650-8118
CEAC Program Director
Mark Neuburger
(916) 650-8180
Policy Area
Infrastructure and Development
Oversight & Special Tasks
Legislative Staff:
Mark Neuburger
Legislative Representative
(916) 650-8180
Kristina Gallagher
Legislative Analyst
(916) 650-8185
Policy Area
Flood Control
Resource Recovery & Waste Management
Legislative Staff:
Catherine Freeman
Senior Legislative Representative
(916) 327-7500 ext. 504
Ada Waelder
Legislative Analyst
(916) 809-1044
Throughout CEAC’s history, it has maintained a close relationship with CSAC to lend support in policy development and advocacy efforts, thus benefiting counties and their ability to serve their citizens.

NACE Office and Staff

National Association of County Engineers
25 Mass. Ave, NW, Suite 580, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 393-5041, Fax: (202) 393-2630, E-mail: nace@naco.org

NACE Executive Director –
Kevan Stone
Responsible for all oversight and management of the association. Liaison to NACE Executive Committee, Board of Directors and other related organizations. Also advocate for legislative and technical issues
Meetings, Marketing and Membership Consultant –
Staci Morgan
Responsible for membership marketing and services, NACE News, website, and planning and management of annual conferences. Assists Executive Director and responsible in his absence.
Office Manager –
Constantine “Connie” Radoulovitch
Responsible for financial administration, annual membership dues, database maintenance, publication orders, mail lists, and daily office operations.