The CEAC Forum was developed as a tool for CEAC members to share information about various county public works related issues. The Forum is populated by members of CEAC and is considered public information, however, you must be admitted to the Forum by a Forum Administrator (primarily to prevent spam). CEAC currently offers the current Forum sites based on CEAC’s policy areas:

  • Administration
  • Flood Control and Water Resources
  • Infrastructure and Development
  • Resource Recovery and Waste Management
  • Surveying
  • Transportation

How to Join:

The CEAC Forum requires a password to access so you will need to sign up for an account. Once your account is approved (it takes a day or two), you will then have access to the forum. There is some on-time setup/configurations that you need to do. It is important to review the getting started guide so that you will get the most out of the forum.

Before you get started:

Check out the getting started guide before you sign up for an account.  There are several important one-time settings that you must make to get the most from the forum.

Click Here to review the “Getting Started Guide.”

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Having issues?

Contact Bob Bronkall at or Ian Wilson at