County Members

Principal Membership in CEAC are County Engineers, County or City Engineers in combined cities and counties of Charter Counties, County Surveyors, County Road Commissioners, Directors of County Departments of Public Works, Flood Control Engineers, and heads of other Departments concerned with County Engineering and Public Works, serving major segments of any County under the direction of the Board of Supervisors.

Each County is allocated one Principal Membership, with all eligible personnel connected with public works and designated by the Principal Member to become Members and participate in the Association’s functions.

All County Members in good standing (except Affiliate, Honorary and Associate Members), shall have the right to vote upon the election of officers and all other matters before the Association. Members whose dues or assessments are delinquent at the time of the fall conference shall be considered as not in good standing.

California County Map

Maps of State Legislative Districts
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CEAC Affiliate Members

The Affiliate Membership may be granted on any firm, individual, or company that is actively involved with the Association. Payment of dues for the Affiliated Membership shall entitle them to representative membership for their firm within the Association.

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California’s Loyal Order of Dedicated Servants (CLODS)

Created by William D. McIntosh (Lassen County) in 1966, the principle purpose of the CLODS was to endeavor to keep the County Engineers from feeling too important and being too serious. Comprised of the associations’ past presidents, the CLODS can claim at least partial credit for the CLODS BBQ, Buffalo Bull Award, CEAC Memorial Scholarship, nominating committee for CEAC, and induction of CEAC Officers.

The initial officers of the CLODS were the Bull Condor, the Stud Pelican, and the Old Crow. Today, every CLOD has a bird name. With the California condor as their symbol, Bill McIntosh and Ed Hanna collaborated on a Constitution and Bylaws for the new organization in 1966.

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CEAC Past Presidents

CEAC’s Past Presidents listed in chronological order

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CEAC Life Members

There is also established the position of Life Membership, which may be conferred from time to time by the Board of Directors, to those who have given long and faithful service to the Association.

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Associate Members

From time to time, there may be selected, by nomination of a member in good standing, in open meetings, and with the approval of the Board of Directors, representatives of the Department of Transportation, State of California, the State Controller’s office, Federal Highway Administration, California Local Technical Assistance Program, and the National Association of County Engineers for Associate Membership in the Association. The number of Associate members from each organization shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

CEAC Honorary Members

Also established is the position of Honorary Member which shall be extended only to those very few individuals who over an extended period of years have assisted, advised, helped, and encouraged this organization and its objectives.

Life Membership, Honorary Membership, and Associate Membership shall only be authorized after an affirmative vote of a simple majority of all the Board of Directors of the organization. Such memberships shall not be liable for dues nor, with the exception of Life Membership, have the privilege of voting.