The CEAC Buddy Award is presented to the spouse of a county engineer for his/her dedication, support and love for his/her spouse.

Past Award Recipients
2016 No Award Given
2015 Rose Penrose (Mike Penrose)
2014 No Award Given
2013 Ari DeChellis, Los Angeles County (Patrick DeChellis)
2012 Ralph Chappell, Contra Costa County (Julie Beuren)
2011 Pam Hospers, Butte County (Mike Crump)
2010 Marlene Demery, Sonoma County (Phil)
2009 Delores Sadjadi, Marin County (Mehdi)
2008 Luann Johnson, Riverside County (George)
2007 Paula Zicker, Placer County (Wes)
2006 Esther Shiu, Contra Costa County (Maurice)
2005 Dee Dee Bridges, San Benito County (Max)
2004 Karen Hackworth, Placer County (Tim)
2003 Nancy Brogan, Fresno County (Richard)
2002 Sharon LaBelle, Alameda County (Don)
2001 Sandy Miller, San Bernardino County (Ken)
2000 Delores Sadjadi, Marin County (Mehdi)
1999 Dawn Davis, Merced County (Verne)
1998 Barbara Hunter, Plumas County (Tom)
1997 Jill Shaul, Lake County (Gerry)
1996 Carol Welton, Fresno County (Richard)
1995 Willa Coleman, Tehama County (Larry)
1994 Dawn Davis, Merced County (Verne)
1993 Linda Wilson, Tulare County (Doug)
1992 Carol Callahan, Stanislaus County (Harold)
1991 Ginny Pierson, Imperial County (David)
1990 Alice Hirata, San Joaquin County (Henry)
1989 Pam Walford, Contra Costa County (Mike)
1988 Jane Head, Sonoma County (Don)
1987 Claire Sans, San Mateo County (Bob)
1986 Dixie McIntosh, Lassen County (Bill)
1985 Bev Protopapas, San Luis Obispo County (George)
1984 Liz Hanna, San Diego County (Ed)
1983 R.J Massman, San Diego County