Annual “Ed Hanna” Engineer of the Year awards are presented to an “Active Member” who has made an outstanding contribution to the County engineering profession and to CEAC activity.

2019 Engineer of the Year Recipient:

Gary Brown
County Engineer, Mariposa County

Over the past three years, Mariposa County has suffered two major fires that burned over 100,000 acres each:  Detwiler and Ferguson and three declared flood disasters (2017, 2018, and 2019).  Gary Brown’s extraordinary efforts to assist Mariposa County residents and staff both during the emergency reconstruction and throughout the recovery phases has been simply exemplary.

During reconstruction and recovery from the fires and floods, the demarcation of damaged and unsettled property through the identification of public vs. private is critical for the swift delivery of emergency repairs and reconstruction.  In collaboration with multiple division leaders including the County Surveyor and Roads and Bridges Manager, Gary’s leadership ensured projects exceeded expectations while providing an excellent learning opportunity for his engineering team.

Gary and his team designed and bid emergency contracts that replaced five bridges damaged or washed away during the storm events and over thirty emergency and permanent infrastructure restoration projects totaling over $15,000,000 in value.  This work was in addition to his regular infrastructure program.

Due to the multiple disasters and the growth the County is experiencing, Gary’s team was trusted to process reviews,  manage multiple inquiries from residents rebuilding from the fire, and review large new hotel properties all in a timely and efficient manner.  In addition, Gary has not let regular planning and routine operations slide.  His team completed PS&E, managed and inspected CIP projects (funded through the STIP) including Silva Road, Chowchilla Mountain Road and Triangle Road.  He facilitated the delivery of more than 16 HBP bridge replacement projects and two BPMP groups of bridge maintenance and repair projects.   Gary has managed the repair and restoration of several county buildings including the historical courthouse, the Government Center, the historical town museum, and various storm drain and drainage projects.

Gary was very instrumental in the County being awarded a Post-Disaster Economic Vitality Grant from the US Department of Commerce to completely rehabilitate the Downtown Central Business District.  Additionally, in large part due to Gary’s contributions, the County Public Works Team recently received national recognition – an award for Excellence in Disaster Recovery from the American Public Works Association.

Gary has been the Mariposa County Engineer since October 2016.  Previously, he worked in the private sector.

Previous Award Recipients:

2019 Gary Brown, Mariposa County
2018 Pat Minturn, Shasta County
2017 Rick Tippett, Trinity County
2016 Mike Penrose, Sacramento County
2015 Susan Klassen, Sonoma County
2014 Julie Bueren, Contra Costa County
2013 Daniel Woldesenbet, Alameda County
2012 Mike Crump, Butte County
2011 Phil Demery, Sonoma County
2010 George Johnson, Riverside County
2009 Pattie McNamee, Contra Costa County
2008 Thomas Flinn, San Joaquin County
2007 Tom Bolich, Santa Cruz County
2006 Patrick DeChellis, Los Angeles County
2005 Brian Lee, San Mateo County
2004 Thomas Flinn, San Joaquin County
2003 Maurice Shiu, Contra Costa County
2002 Don LaBelle, Alameda County
2001 Tom Hunter, Plumas County
2000 Harry Verheul, Kings County
1999 Mehdi Sadjadi, Marin County
1998 Dave Gravenkamp, Siskiyou County
1997 Doug Wilson, Tulare County
1996 Henry Hirata, San Joaquin County
1995 Art Goulet, Ventura County
1994 Richard Welton, Fresno County
1993 Mike Walford, Contra Costa County
1992 Dave Gravenkamp, Siskiyou County

How to Nominate:

Active members that have made outstanding contributions to the County engineering profession and to CEAC activity are eligible for this award. Award recipients are recognized annually at CEAC’s fall conference.

If you wish to nominate a person for the Engineer of the Year award, please complete the Nomination and Narrative forms listed below and return to:

Scott DeLeon, Chair
CEAC Memorial Fund and Scholarship Committee
Lake County
Public Works Department
255 N. Forbes Street
Lakeport, CA 95453

How to Submit:

Email: Submit via email to Lori Price

Phone: (925) 313-2225

Deadline: Friday, November 6, 2020


Email: or or call (707) 263-2341

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