The annual CEAC Surveyor of the Year award shall be presented to an “Active Member” who has made an outstanding contribution to the County Surveying profession and to CEAC activity.

2019 Surveyor of the Year Recipient

Ron Garton
County Surveyor, Humboldt County

Ron Garton has been the Humboldt County Surveyor since 2015.  Previously, he worked as a surveyor in the private sector for Cubit Engineering and Keith Companies for 15 years.  He has been active on the CEAC Surveyor Policy committee since joining Humboldt County and is currently the Vice-Chair.  Ron has been a member of CLSA and has coordinated with and worked alongside the licensing board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

One of Ron’s major accomplishments is transforming the County Surveyor Index from an antiquated MS Access database to an online database which remarkably was done without a budget!  The new online system ( allows the public to search for maps utilizing different queries and see them instantly on their computer or hand-held device.

Another significant achievement resulting form Ron’s ingenuity was the development and implementation of procedures to perform map checking electronically.  This effort allows for maps to be returned to surveyors without the need to come to the office in order to pick up a check print.  This effort was done without the need to acquire new software or hardware, and again, with no budget.

Ron was instrumental in developing Humboldt County’s first mapping standards for surveys.  This was no easy feat to implement given the tight-knit local surveying community that is often averse to change.  But, after some initial grumblings, they began to see the merit and benefits of having standards.

Ron is an avid supporter and promoter of survey monument preservation.  He instituted a Humboldt County monument preservation policy that requires Engineering, Road Maintenance, and Encroachment Permit staff to step up and help protect survey monuments.  This was a much needed upgrade from former Public Works Director John Murray’s policy of preserving survey monuments by covering them with two-tenths of asphalt.

Previous Award Recipients:

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2017 Warren Smith, San Joaquin County
2016 Gordon Haggitt, Lake County
2015 Michael Goetz, Monterey County
2014 Greg Jones, Santa Cruz County
2013 Gwen Gee, Santa Clara County
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How to Nominate:

Active members that have made outstanding contributions to the County Surveying profession and to CEAC activity are eligible for this award. Award recipients are recognized annually at CEAC’s fall conference.

If you wish to nominate a person for the Surveyor of the Year award, please complete the nomination and narrative forms and return to:

Mike Lee
Public Works Director
CEAC Surveyor Committee
Yuba County, Public Works Department

Phone: (530) 749-5420
Deadline: Friday, November 6, 2020

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