The annual CEAC Surveyor of the Year award shall be presented to an “Active Member” who has made an outstanding contribution to the County Surveying profession and to CEAC activity.

2018 Surveyor of the Year Recipient

Aleksandar Jevremovic
County Surveyor, Santa Barbara County

Aleksandar Jevremovic has been the Santa Barbara County Surveyor since 2012.  Prior to this he was the Assistant County Surveyor and Deputy County Surveyor for Santa Barbara for 3 years.  He has been active on the CEAC Surveyor Policy Committee since 2012, and is currently the Vice-Chair, a position held since 2016.  Aleks is also an active member of CLSA and the League of California Surveying Organizations.  He provided valuable input into the revisions of the CEAC Guide to the Preparation of Records of Surveys and Corner Records.

Due to the recent Montecito Debris Flow disaster of 2018, there was destruction and disturbance of a large number of survey monuments in the affected area.  With the loss of survey monument infrastructure, land owners and public agencies are experiencing difficulties in locating and establishing property boundaries as part of the disaster recovery efforts.  Aleksandar met with affected landowners and private survey firms to discuss solutions to the problem.  One of the primary ideas resulting from the meetings was the establishment of a geodetic survey control network that would serve as a common spatial reference system for both the County and private surveys.  Aleksandar took the lead on this endeavor to create the Montecito Survey Control Network, a process that is still occurring today.

As part of the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department’s efforts for the Montecito disaster recovery, Aleksandar has requested FEMA funding for the resurveying and reestablishment of the public rights of ways in areas affected by the debris flow.  The right of way surveys will ultimately be tied to the evolving Montecito Survey Control Network.

During Aleksandar’s tenure with Santa Barbara County, the County Executive Officer directed the Public Work Department to form a Record of Survey Process Improvement Committee, made up of practicing Land Surveyors within the local community, to improve the review process used by the County Surveyor’s Office for examining Records of Surveys.  Aleksandar spearheaded this improvement process and the outcome was a guide adopted by both the County and two local CLSA chapters, that lessens review time by County staff and provides the practicing professional adequate guidelines to adhere to when preparing Records of Survey.

Previous Award Recipients:

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2015 Michael Goetz, Monterey County
2014 Greg Jones, Santa Cruz County
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How to Nominate:

Active members that have made outstanding contributions to the County Surveying profession and to CEAC activity are eligible for this award. Award recipients are recognized annually at CEAC’s fall conference.

If you wish to nominate a person for the Surveyor of the Year award, please complete the nomination and narrative forms and return to:

Mike Lee
Public Works Director
CEAC Surveyor Committee
Yuba County, Public Works Department

Phone: (530) 749-5420
Deadline: Friday, October 18, 2019

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